ABEDOE Retractable Teaser Cat Catcher Fishing Pole

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2pcs feather, y
ou can replace it whenever you like and enjoy the playful exercise with your cat, watch your cat chase, leap, and stalk this toy. Provides a healthy outlet for your Cat's natural hunting instincts.
Comfortable foam handle, adjustable 3-section wand rod length: Approx. 37.5-100cm (1.2-3.3ft), rotate clockwise to fasten and anticlockwise to loose the wand.
Materials made from safe, non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials. All dyes are NON-TOXIC and SAFE for your pets and you pet will fond of this toy.
The cat teaser is a interactive toy to strengthen the relationships between you and your cat.
Notice: Hide toys when not in use and supervise your cat while playing at all times.


Type Teaser Cat Catcher
Material ABS, foam, feather, fish wire
Quantity 1pcs
Item Color As shown
Fish Wire Length Approx. 50cm / 19.7"
Wand Rod Length Approx. 37.5-100cm / 1.2-3.3ft
Feather Length Approx. 17cm / 6.7"
Net Weight 0.025kg / 0.9oz

1*Teaser Cat Catcher